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The End of the Beginning

News of the apocalypse in the headlines
Reads the Bay Area Underwater By 2100,
But this is a real-estate minded estimate
Conservative at best, the damage is done
As carbon dioxide continues to accumulate
And warm the planet at an alarming rate,
Causing climate change and mass extinction
Creating new coastlines drowning many cities,
San Francisco and Seattle relegated to relics,
Deep beneath crashing waves is Golden Gate Park,
And just offshore the Bridge’s twin towers peak—
The space needle sits a precarious flying saucer
Buoyed there like a beacon of the past
Now but a marker for ships to pass,
Over the wreckage of the Palace of Fine Arts,
The Legion of Honor still stands high atop the hill
Where the thinker sits thinking,
How resilient humans are to save
Culture and art with strategic placement,
So these lofty ideas would not burn
In the cataclysm which took buildings
Of lesser brick, not marble and grantite
Modeled on Greek civilization 
Kept safe behind pillars from heaven—

Entrusted with rebuilding the Earth
We are the builders of the future,
Come together at the mountaintops
Which now peaked by lighthouses
Are communicating beacons between the high spots—
A lofty audience always aware and ready
To alert the people to move to high ground,
And take defensive positions on the walls
Of the tidal barricades, repelling 
Turbulent warm waters always rising.

Erik Home - The Book - The End of the Beginning, pg 29 - The Prophet, pg 37 - Buy Now